Yongda ceramics building waterjet leading enterprises
Yongda ceramics building waterjet leading enterprises
08 Oct 2018
To comply with the trend of the development of the “machine” yongda ceramics, establish “yongda ceramic machine” to become the world’s ceramic and stone deep processing equipment of the leading enterprises, “machine” yongda ceramics at a cost of fifty million yuan, in foshan city geely high-tech industrial park to build a new 40000 square meters of modern factory, and will be officially put into use in 06 years in May. New factory to establish the scientific research laboratory, large exhibition hall, and demonstration base. At the appointed time, the “machine” yongda ceramics in the development, design, production, sales, and other comprehensive ability will be greatly increased, the company will develop from market research, product development to mechanical processing, quality control, and even the post-sale service, etc., has a complete set of perfect organization management institutions of large enterprises, and set to the ceramic and stone deep processing industry to make greater contribution.
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