The twentieth ceramics exhibition yongda waterjet
The twentieth ceramics exhibition yongda waterjet
24 Jul 2018
China international ceramics exhibition has been successfully held the 19th annual, is one of the world’s three largest ceramics exhibition, the largest scale and influence in the asia-pacific region, the highest authority of the international famous brand. Focused on the latest development trend of the global ceramics industry, the exhibition collected at home and abroad the most advanced ceramic production technology, equipment and products, each year attracts a lot of famous experts and scholars at home and abroad, senior government officials, well-known enterprises, investment and financing institutions such as high-level visit. The exhibition to create unlimited business opportunities, is the best exchange and cooperation platform for the personage inside course of study. Successive cumulative the exhibition attracted a total from more than 30 countries and regions, more than 7000 enterprises, including Italy, Germany, Spain, Britain, Japan and other countries large-scale national pavilion each year to participate in, the domestic enterprise with a perfect platform to grow rapidly. With China’s rapid economic growth and the rapid development of China’s ceramic industry, China international ceramics exhibition will become the world’s most scale and the influence of the event. The 20th China international ceramics exhibition, guangzhou international convention and exhibition center (Chinese export commodities fair pazhou hall), and have many customers from all directions, the crazy, pennants waving, cloudless blue sky to add color.
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