5 Axis Bridge Cutting Machine
5 Axis Bridge Cutting Machine
28 Jul 2023

The 5-axis bridge cutter has made a significant contribution to stone cutting and fabrication, which helps in creating complex shapes and designs. The 5-axis bridge saw allows you to cut your natural stone. It is the ideal investment that will help you develop your sales.


5 Axis Bridge Cutting Machine


Unlike traditional cutting machines that are limited to three axes (X, Y, and Z), 5-axis bridge cutting machines offer two additional rotational axes. This ingenious design enables the cutting head to tilt and rotate, allowing for precise cuts from various angles.


Yongda Bridge Saw - 5 Axis Bridge Cutting Machine

5 axis CNC bridge cutter

5 Axis CNC Bridge Saw for Sale


●  Simple and intuitive

●  Straight line circular arc, grid, click to cut

●  Notching, chamfering, beveling, cutting as you like

●  5 axis CNC bridge cutter makes Rome columns, twisted columns, flowerpots, special-shaped, etc. processing easily

●  5 axis bridge cutters are available in a variety of shapes like cambered shapes, engraving, drilling, profiling, etc.

●  5 axis bridge cutting machine can connect with a scanner, nesting as required, save materials save time

●  The 5 axis bridge cutter is easy to use, convenient and intelligent, high efficiency, and has a low energy consumption

●  Great products CAD/CAM software, any angle, any position, any graph

●  Apply international brand CNC control system, servo motor & driver

●  15” color touch screen, USB, Ethernet interface

●  The 5 axis bridge cutter can be seamlessly integrated with a scanner, realizing real-time scanning layout setting

●  With the internet remote diagnosis function, the system parameters of 5 axis bridge cutter can be modified by remote control


What 5 Axis Bridge Cutters Can Offer You?


5-axis machining helps in the cost-effective manufacturing of sophisticated designs. They can bring you:


Unmatched Precision and Accuracy


One of the most remarkable features of 5-axis bridge cutting machines is their unparalleled precision. Whether it's crafting complex sculptures, architectural elements, or intricate patterns, the 5 axis bridge saw ensures every detail is immaculately executed.


Complex Designs


5-axis machining provides additional motion that allows you to realize complex shapes and designs. 5 axis bridge saw eliminates the need to create complex fixtures and helps you easily realize different angles and arcs.


Faster Material Removal


In 5-axis machining, the cutting tool remains tangent to the cutting surface, resulting in shorter cycle times, which helps save costs as you remove more material each time the tool passes.


Better Surface Finishes


The fourth and fifth axes help you orient and bring the part closer to the cutting tool, allowing you to use a shorter cutting tool, which is less susceptible to vibration at extremely high cutting speeds, helping you achieve a better surface finish.


Yongda stone cutting machine

5 axis CNC bridge saw for sale


What Materials Can 5-Axis Bridge-Cutting Machines Work With?


5-axis bridge cutting machines are designed to work with a wide range of materials, including granite, marble, quartz, limestone, and engineered stone. Their versatility allows for intricate cutting and shaping of various stone types with ease.


How Does the 5-Axis Technology Enhance Productivity?


The 5-axis technology eliminates the need for manual repositioning of the material during cutting, as the cutting head can maneuver from multiple angles. It significantly reduces production time, increases efficiency, and minimizes material wastage.


Are 5-Axis Bridge-Cutting Machines User-Friendly?


The emergence of 5-axis bridge cutting machines has transformed the stone fabrication landscape, empowering artisans and industries alike to achieve unparalleled precision and creativity.  Bridge cutting machine manufacturers have invested heavily in developing user-friendly interfaces and intuitive software for these machines.


With proper training, operators can quickly learn to program and control the 5-axis bridge-cutting machines efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about how our 5 axis bridge cutting machine can transform your business.

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