Grinding & Polishing Machine

Grinding and polishing machines are commonly used for stone and ceramic sample preparation. Grinding and polishing result in a flat, uniform surface. Polishing removes abrasions from the previous steps to provide a smooth surface. Grinding and polishing equipment provides consistency, reproducibility, and the true structure of the sample. 

The stone treated by the Grinding & Polishing Machine (Ceramic arc edge polishing machine etc)restores the natural beauty of the stone while solving the problem of stone fall and improving the overall effect of the stone decoration.

Grinding & Polishing Machine has the characteristics of practicality, high-cost performance, can solve the problem of a gloss of hard ground, has become the mainstream of stone processing equipment in recent years. Grinding & Polishing Machine sold by YONGDA has fast processing speed, low processing cost, and various edges, which are well received by new and old customers.