Ceramic Slab Machine

With the development of modern technology, you want to process ceramic slabs that need a professional Ceramic Slab Machine. Ceramic slab cutting machine with multi-functional, mainly for ceramic deep processing, such as grinding, chamfering, cutting, etc. 


What machines and equipment are often used for ceramic slab processing? Commonly used ceramic slab processing equipment are ceramic tile chamfering machine, ceramic tile sloting machine, ceramic tile notching machine, ceramic tile processing machine,  grinding and polishing machine, and so on. The use of these machines is incorporated into the workflow to save time and obtain precise results in ceramic artwork.


YONGDA is one of the ceramic cutting machine manufacturers. Specializing in 5 axis CNC waterjet, 5 axis bridge cutting machine, countertop making machine, ceramic tile processing machine, CNC machining centers, and automatic ceramic cutting machine.


Ceramic Cutting Machine Manufacturers


Choosing reliable ceramic cutting machine manufacturers is important for a number of reasons. It ensures that the ceramic cutting machine and other ceramic stone machines you purchase are of the highest quality and will last for many years with minimal maintenance. Additionally, reliable ceramic cutting machine manufacturers will provide warranties and technical support for their products, which can be very helpful in case of any issues or problems.


The automatic ceramic cutting machine has high efficiency and low processing costs. The ceramic tile sloting machine or ceramic slab cutting machine comes in a variety of sizes and configurations, and you can customize the right machine for your production line. If you need such equipment, you can choose YONGDA, which has 19 years of experience in the design, manufacture, and sales of deep processing equipment for stone, ceramics, glass, metal, etc., to provide you with machine solutions that you can trust.

6+R3 Edge Grinding & Chamfering Machine

Sinterd stone edge processing machine

what kind of edge processing you can do with this machine?

1. R3 edge grinding and polishing

2. Edge 45 chamfering

3. Straight flange grinding and polishing

4. Safe edge grinding and polishing of the bottom and the top of the edge


This machine is for edge grinding and chamfering polishing (R1~R5 arcs, straight flange, bevels) and grooving of sintered stone. Fast speed, high efficiency, high precision, high brightness, even straightness and smooth. 

Suitable for sintered stone,  porcelain, ceramic grinding edge chamfering, cabinet processing.







Processing slab width



Processing slab thickness



Working speed



Total power



Water consumption



Air condition






Outer dimension



Conveyor belt


1  (width: 600)

Trimming wheel


1 pcs,Ф250*Ф804kw

The bottom edge chamfering


1 disc Ф300*Ф50 (4kw) +1 grinding wheel Ф250*Ф80 (4kw)

Polishing wheel of

straight and bevel edge


6+6 pcs,Ф1200.75kw*12

The top edge chamfering


1 disc Ф300*Ф50 (4kw) +1 grinding wheel Ф250*Ф80 (4kw)


Suitable for sintered stone,  porcelain, ceramic grinding edge chamfering, cabinet processing.

The 6+R3 edge grinding & chamfering machine is a specialized equipment designed for the precise grinding, polishing, and chamfering of edges on various materials such as sintered stone, porcelain, and ceramic. This machine is specifically tailored to cater to the needs of industries involved in stone fabrication, tile manufacturing, and cabinet processing.

Versatile Edge Processing: The machine offers multifunctional capabilities, allowing it to handle different types of materials commonly used in construction and interior design. It ensures precision in grinding and chamfering to achieve desired edge finishes.

Sintered Stone and Porcelain Compatibility: Sintered stone and porcelain are notoriously hard materials, requiring specialized equipment for processing. The 6+R3 machine is equipped to handle the hardness of these materials, ensuring efficient grinding without compromising their integrity.

Ceramic Edge Refinement: Ceramic materials, often used in various applications, need delicate handling during edge refinement. This machine provides the necessary precision and control to create smooth and flawless edges on ceramic surfaces.

Cabinet Processing: In addition to handling stone and tile materials, the machine caters to cabinet processing needs. It can efficiently chamfer edges of cabinet components, providing a professional finish for furniture and cabinetry.

Customizable Chamfering Options: The equipment allows for customizable chamfering angles and dimensions, providing flexibility to meet diverse project requirements and design preferences.