Other Ceramic Stone Machines

YONGDA is a manufacturer and supplier of ceramic stone machines, providing you with high-quality automatic ceramic cutting machines, continuous automatic cutting machines, stone scanners,s and more.


An automatic tile cutting machine is highly efficient, labor-saving, and can quickly complete large volume cutting, suitable for tile cutting, grooving, arc grinding, dry hanging, and cutting beveled edges. 

The continuous automatic cutting machine cuts tiles fully automatically is easy to operate at a fast cutting speed and can cut large floor or wall tiles (such as polished tiles) into desired strips. The automatic ceramic cutting machine is widely used in tile manufacturing facilities. They save time and labor, improve precision, and enhance the overall quality of ceramic tile installations. 

The stone scanner scans each stone slab and saves it to the system according to the actual stone size. The image captured by the stone scanner has a realistic texture and precise layout. Replacing thick solid samples with scanned images, capturing high-quality images, and printing stone catalogs is ideal for stone companies to save stone information. Buyers can choose the stone on the web according to the scanned image, saving the cost of spot-checking.