Ceramic Slab Machine

With the development of modern technology, you want to process ceramic slabs that need a professional Ceramic Slab Machine. Ceramic slab cutting machine with multi-functional, mainly for ceramic deep processing, such as grinding, chamfering, cutting, etc. 


What machines and equipment are often used for ceramic slab processing? Commonly used ceramic slab processing equipment are ceramic tile chamfering machine, ceramic tile sloting machine, ceramic tile notching machine, ceramic tile processing machine,  grinding and polishing machine, and so on. The use of these machines is incorporated into the workflow to save time and obtain precise results in ceramic artwork.


YONGDA is one of the ceramic cutting machine manufacturers. Specializing in 5 axis CNC waterjet, 5 axis bridge cutting machine, countertop making machine, ceramic tile processing machine, CNC machining centers, and automatic ceramic cutting machine.


Ceramic Cutting Machine Manufacturers


Choosing reliable ceramic cutting machine manufacturers is important for a number of reasons. It ensures that the ceramic cutting machine and other ceramic stone machines you purchase are of the highest quality and will last for many years with minimal maintenance. Additionally, reliable ceramic cutting machine manufacturers will provide warranties and technical support for their products, which can be very helpful in case of any issues or problems.


The automatic ceramic cutting machine has high efficiency and low processing costs. The ceramic tile sloting machine or ceramic slab cutting machine comes in a variety of sizes and configurations, and you can customize the right machine for your production line. If you need such equipment, you can choose YONGDA, which has 19 years of experience in the design, manufacture, and sales of deep processing equipment for stone, ceramics, glass, metal, etc., to provide you with machine solutions that you can trust.

18 Heads Ceramic Slab Chamfering Slotting Machine

45°chamfering, straight flange grinding and polishing in one time.


Fast speed, save time and labor cost.

18 Heads chamfering Slotting machine

This machine mainly design for bathroom tops, ktichentops, stair tiles, background wall (straight flange, 45 degree chamfering polishing), assembly line for volume production. 

One head for straight flange grinding;

Six heads for straight flange polishing;

One chamfring disc;

Six heads for upper edge chamfer polishing;

Two heads for down edge chamfer polishing;

One slotting disc.





18 Heads Ceramic Slab Chamfering Slotting Machine


 Quantity of Conveyor Belt



Straight Side Shaping Wheel


1pcs, φ200

Chamfering Grinding Wheel


2pcs, Ф200(numerical control 2565°

Upper Edge Chamfering Polishing Wheel


6pcs(numerical control 2565°)

Straight Side Polishing Wheel



Down Edge Chamfering Polishing Wheel



Processing Width



Processing Length



Processing Thickness



Total Power



Water Consumption



Air Consumption



Outer Dimension






Suitable for sintered stone, ceramic, marble, stone processing.

The ceramic slab chamfering slotting machine represents a highly versatile and specialized tool engineered for precision cutting, shaping, and refining processes across various hard surfaces used in construction and design. Its adaptability extends to sintered stone, ceramic, marble, and stone processing, showcasing its ability to handle different materials commonly utilized in architectural and interior design applications. 

This machine is specifically designed to create chamfered edges and intricate slots on ceramic slabs, sintered stone, marble, and various stone surfaces. By incorporating cutting-edge technology and robust construction, it ensures both accuracy and durability, catering to the demands of industrial-scale production as well as intricate and detailed artistic projects. With its capabilities in chamfering and slotting, ceramic slab chamfering slotting machine,  porcelain chamfering machine, ceramic tile chamfering machine offers a comprehensive solution for achieving precise and custom-designed edges, notches, and patterns on a range of hard surfaces, contributing significantly to the efficiency and quality of material processing within these industries.