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CNC stone bridge cutters are cutting machines made for cutting natural stone, granite, marble, and ceramics. CNC bridge saw machines guarantee professional quality cuts and are essential machines for stone processing companies.

The stone bridge cutting machines have the advantages of high precision, fast speed, high efficiency, etc. YONGDA is one of the bridge cutting machine manufacturers in China. The 5 axis CNC bridge cutter, 4 axis CNC bridge cutter of YONGDA is an intelligent cutting machine designed to meet the diversified processing needs of stone companies.


5 Axis CNC Bridge Cutter & 4 Axis CNC Bridge Cutter


A 5 axis bridge cutting machine is a sophisticated piece of machinery that can cut and shape a variety of materials with precision and speed. 5 axis bridge cutter is equipped with five axes of motion, allowing it to perform complex cuts and intricate designs on large pieces of stone, metal, or other materials. 5 axis CNC bridge cutter is often used in the manufacturing of high-end products, such as sculptures, countertops, and architectural facades.


A 4 axis CNC bridge cutter, on the other hand, is a similar machine that has four axes of motion. It is a slightly less complex machine than the 5 axis bridge cutter, but it is still capable of producing accurate cuts on a variety of materials. The 4 axis CNC bridge cutter is often used for smaller-scale projects, such as cutting tiles, small sculptures, and smaller countertops.


Both the 5 axis CNC bridge cutter and 4 axis CNC bridge cutters are valuable tools for businesses that need to cut and shape materials with precision and speed. These bridge saw inclined cuttings can help manufacturers save time and money by streamlining the production process and reducing the need for manual labor.


Easy-to-use, convenient, intelligent, high-efficiency, and low-consumption bridge cutting machines can be found here. When you're looking for a bridge cutting system, YONGDA is one of the bridge saw cutting machine suppliers that offer bridge cutting machine for sale. We have extensive experience in bridge saw inclined cuttings and many other profile cutting machines. Please contact us if you have any questions.

4 Axis Bridge Cutting Machine


YD-3200 4 AXIS S/D

Easy learn, easy control and operation;

Straight line, circular arc, grid, click to cut;

Notching, chamfering, beveling, cut as you like.

4 Axis Bridge Cutting Machine


A 4-axis bridge cutting machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in various industries for cutting and shaping materials with precision and accuracy. It consists of a sturdy bridge-like structure that spans the cutting area and moves along multiple axes to perform various cutting operations.

The "4-axis" refers to the number of axes along which the cutting head can move. These axes typically include the X-axis (horizontal movement of the cutting head), Y-axis (vertical movement), Z-axis (depth or height adjustment), and an additional rotational axis (often referred to as the A-axis) that allows the cutting head to rotate or tilt.

The machine is equipped with a cutting tool, such as a diamond blade or a router, which is mounted on the cutting head. 4 axis CNC bridge cutter can be controlled using computer numerical control (CNC) technology, allowing for precise and automated cutting operations.

By utilizing the multiple axes of movement, 4-axis bridge cutting machine can execute complex cuts, intricate shapes, bevels, chamfers, and other precise operations on the materials. This makes 4 axis bridge saw a versatile tool for industries such as construction, stone, furniture production, prototyping, and artistic projects.


Great CAD/CAM software


1. Simple and intuitive

2. Straight line circular arc, grid, click to cut;

3. Notching, chamfering, beveling, cut as you like

4. Available in a variety shape like cambered shape, engraving, drilling, profiling, etc.

5. Can connecting with scanner, nesting as require, save materials save time

6. Easy to use, convenient and intelligent, high efficiency and low energy consumption

7. Apply international brand CNC control system, servo motor & driver  

8. 4 axis bridge cutter can connect with a scanner, nesting as required, save materials saving time

9. With the internet remote diagnosis function, the system parameters can be modified by remote control



YD-3220 4 Axis (Standard)

YD-3220 4 Axis (Deluxe)

X axis stroke




Y axis stroke




Z axis stroke




A axis stroke


045°(manual adjust)

090°(manual adjust)

C axis stroke




Dia of disc




Processing thickness






Taiwan System

Italy system

Rotation speed of cutting disc




Table size(length x width)




Table tilting degree




Spindle power




Total power




Water consumption




Total weight




Outer dimension




YD series 4 Axis Bridge Saw  Machine is an intelligent cutting machine which designed to meet the diversified needs of the processing for the stone enterprises.

The machine is multifunctional, easy operate, processing precise but with low energy consumption. One 4 axis bridge cutter can meet almost all the working.

Requirements and different functions can conversion very fast and convenient.

YD 4 axis bridge saw is a necessary processing equipment for the stone processing enterprises.

The Applications of 4 Axis Bridge Cutting Machine


A 4-axis bridge cutting machine is a specialized tool used in various industries, particularly in the field of manufacturing and fabrication. 4 axis bridge saw offers advanced cutting capabilities and is commonly used in applications such as:


The 4-axis bridge cutting machine is extensively used in the stone and marble industry for the precise cutting and shaping of stone slabs and blocks. It can create intricate designs, custom shapes, and smooth edges for countertops, sculptures, monuments, and architectural elements.

Construction Industry

In the construction sector, this machine is employed for cutting and shaping large stone or concrete blocks. Bridge saw polygons cutting enables accurate and efficient cutting for constructing building facades, flooring tiles, decorative elements, and other architectural components.

Automotive and Aerospace

The 4-axis bridge cutting machine is utilized in the manufacturing of automotive and aerospace parts. It can cut various materials like aluminum, carbon fiber, and composite materials to create components such as body panels, interior trims, molds, and prototypes.

Furniture Manufacturing

4 axis CNC bridge cutter is employed in the furniture industry for cutting and shaping wooden panels, MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard), and other materials. Bridge saw edge mitering enables precise and complex cuts required for manufacturing furniture pieces like tabletops, cabinets, and decorative elements.

Signage and Advertising

The 4-axis bridge cutting machine finds applications in the production of signage and advertising materials. It can cut various materials such as acrylic, PVC, foam board, and aluminum composite panels to create letters, logos, and other advertising displays.

Artistic and Craftsmanship Projects

Artists and craftsmen utilize the 4-axis bridge cutting machine for intricate and detailed cutting in their artistic projects. Bridge saw inclined cutting allows them to work with diverse materials like stone, wood, metal, and glass to create sculptures, installations, and decorative pieces.

In summary, a 4 axis bridge saw is a versatile and powerful tool used in various industries for precision cutting and shaping of materials. Its multi-axis control and automation capabilities make it suitable for a wide range of applications, from stone cutting for countertops to metal fabrication for aerospace components. You can find more information about the 4 Axis bridge cutting machine in YONGDA.