Ceramic Industry

●Ceramic tiles, one of the most popular decoration material in all over the world. Pure paving can makes the tiles texture better stretch and extend, however the present of the tiles is not limited in the pure paving. On the other side, with the development of ceramic tiles size and transparent trend, through chamfer, round edge, notching etc., tiles can present a variety of three-dimensional and aesthetic decorative effect. 

●In addition, ceramic tiles can also processing by waterjet cutting machine to cut the patterns, design more combination decorative paving, relief sculpture and others secondary processing method to enhance the vivid sense of space to a greater extent. 


Notching (Groove), in the past, was more applied in the stone application. However with the marble tiles and porcelain tiles popular, tiles also can be processed groove. For example, makes three lines or two lines of groove on the ladder which can anti-slip and also design beautiful. 

In addition to the application of ladder, the tiles on the wall also can process the groove, applied in  bathroom, living room etc.


1:Recommend machine: Continuous Automatic Cutting Machine




Chamfering is mainly used in wall corner treatment, is  a traditional way of exposed corner treatment. 

Two tiles grinding 45 °, then diagonally affixed. This processing looks easy however it is a test for the decorative workers. Properly processed chamfering is more beautiful and classy than directly use the exposed corner part. 

Recommend Machine: YH-1200 Ceramic Grinding and Polishing Machine


Round Edge

Round edge, can be applied in the stair ladder, windowsill stone, tabletops etc. At present, the round edge is used to paving in the tabletops, windowsill or stair ladders. 

Recommend Machine: YH-1200 Ceramic Grinding and Polishing Machine



L slot

L slot is mainly used in the dry hanging of ceramic tiles. For example, large size ceramic tiles on the wall, generally through the L slot for dry hanging, so that the tiles can have the support to put on the wall.

Tiles on wall, more and more customers love the performance.

Recommend Machine: Dry-hang Polishing Machine




Modeling can be called as combination paving such as triangle shape, rhombus shape and other paving which need secodary cutting to processing. Modeling is good for the space to have more layers of effects.

Recommend Machine: 5 Axis Bridge Cutting Machine



Waterjet patterns

Using waterjet to make patterns, the price is not cheal. It depends on the square numbers and also depends on the complex of the pattern design.  Waterjet patterns can perform more luxury design. 

Recommend Machine: AB 5 Axis Waterjet Cutting Machine


Relief sculpture

The relief effect of concave and convex is lifelike. Normally applied in the background wall.  Microcrystal, marble tiles, ceramic glaze can make a good relief effect. 

Recommend Machine: 5 Axis CNC Machining Center

Recommend Machine: Engraving Machine