Analysis of deep processing equipment of Yongda sintered stone

Foshan Yongshengda Machinery Co., Ltd.  2019-10-24 

Sintered Stone Market Situation

In recent two years, the natural stone, artificial stone, quartzite and even glass, metal and other materials, which are traditionally used in the fields of cabinets, wardrobes and even door panels, desktops and other home furnishings, have been replaced by a black horse that came out of nowhere, sweeping the fields of big home furnishings and home furnishings. It is the sintered stone.

One of the most important reasons for the popularity of sintered stone is the surge of demand for customized home furnishings. The demand of the custom-made furniture enterprises for the sintered stone has reached the level of short supply. Because of the corrosion-resistant, moisture-proof, wear-resistant and easy modeling characteristics of the sintered stone, it has been widely used in the fields of cupboards, wardrobes, door panels, table panels and so on in recent years. It can be said that if the sintered stone wants to sell at a good price, the deep processing service capacity is very important for the enterprises producing sintered stone and sintered stone processing. And who can take the lead in this market, can quickly expand the market, expand the occupation rate of the industry!

Since the value of the field of sintered stone deep processing is so great, it is believed that many sintered stone production enterprises and sintered stone processing enterprises have long been interested in the business opportunities and layout in advance!

Next, let's introduce Yongda sintered stone deep processing equipment with practicality first and high cost performance!

Machine A: 5 axis sintered cutter

Main features of the product: special equipment for sintered stone cutting, front and back knife cutting, with deburring and chamfering function, no stone damage, tile surface, no edge collapse.

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Machine B: 5 axis bridge saw

▲ 4 axis bridge cutting machine

▲5 axis bridge cutting machine

Main features of the product:

Four axis bridge saw--straight line, circle, arc, grid is point cutting.

Five axis bridge saw:① straight line, circle, arc, grid is point cutting; ② slotting, edging, beveling, chamfering, if you want to cut; ③ Roman column, twist column, flowerpot, special-shaped body processing is easy; ④ curved surface, carving, opening, profiling processing are all available. ⑤ intelligent typesetting on demand, saving labor and materials.

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Machine C: 5 axis cnc machining center

Main features of the product:  multi-functional production integrating cutting, polishing and edging of sintered stone; no tool setting, adjustment of tool center and fool operation; high precision, high-speed spindle, fast processing speed and high efficiency.

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Machine D: AC 5 axis waterjet

Main features of the product: fully automatic CNC intelligent plane special-shaped cutting; 0 ~ 65 degree bevel cutting; cutting surface smooth and accurate, no deformation, no edge collapse.

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In the market, the deep-processing equipment of sintered stone is uneven. To purchase the deep-processing equipment with quality assurance and pertinence, the buyer needs to have a certain sharp vision. After the introduction of Yongda sintered stone deep processing equipment, we have a deeper understanding of Yongda equipment. If you want to take the lead in the deep processing market, you have to use Yongda equipment, you have to believe in Yongda equipment!

About us

Foshan yongshengda Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yongda Machinery Co., Ltd.) [Note: the former Yongda machinery factory was founded in 1993 and renamed as Foshan yongshengda Machinery Co., Ltd. in 2003], specializing in research and development, manufacturing and sales of deep processing equipment for sintered stone, stone, ceramics, glass and metal, is a high-tech enterprise.

As early as 2017, with years of technology accumulation and outstanding innovation ability, Yongda took the lead in launching three types of special equipment for sintered stone - five axis bridge cutting, AC five axis water cutter and five axis cnc machining center. According to the feedback of customers, Yongda mechanical and electrical continuously improves various types of special equipment for sintered stone, the market has a warm response, and has been unanimously praised by customers. This year, according to the demand of sintered stone market, Yongda once again launched a five axis sintered stone cutting machine with higher efficiency. Fast speed, no edge collapse, is the highlight of this special equipment for sintered stone!

After years of deep research and research in the sintered stone processing market, Yongda sintered stone deep processing equipment is not the most professional, only more professional!