Add:  No. 70 Xinyuan Second Road, Jili High-tech Industrial Zone,   Nanzhuang, Chancheng District,Foshan,Guangdong,China
Zip code:  528041
Corporate Email:  fsyd@fsyd.com


( Special statements:  our company may have the changes of staffs, customers can pay more attention to our website notice, so as to avoid misunderstanding.  Thank you! )


General manager:  Weixiang Pan
Sales manager:  Xiujuan Pan
Overseas Sales Phone 1  +86 -757-82011332
Overseas Sales Phone 2  +86 -757-82011336
Overseas Sales Phone 3  +86 -757-82011333
Overseas Sales Phone 4  +86 -757-88029623


All Staffs of  International Sales Dept.

Ms Juana Yu Email: fsyd_101@fsyd.com                  Skype: 2880689720@qq.com
Ms Cindy Hu Email: fsyd_103@fsyd.com                  Skype: 2880689729@qq.com
Mr Nobleman Yin Email: fsyd_01@fsyd.com.cn               Skype: 2880689727@qq.com
Ms Carmen Lv Email: fsyd_04@fsyd.com.cn               Skype: 2880689722@qq.com
Corporate website http://en.fsyd.com
Corporate website http://www.fsyd.com
Alibaba website http://fsyd.en.alibaba.com
Fax: +86-757-82011330
After-sales phone: +86-757-82011337
After-sales Email: fsyd@fsyd.com