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  • products Name: 7-Axis CNC Machining Centre (Bridge Type)
  • Products Code: KM-4030


Machining Model: KM-4030

Machine Name: 7-Axis CNC Machining Centre (Bridge Type)


It is the first KM-4030 7-Axis CNC Machining Centre in China!


This 7-axis Machining Centre owns thousands of super processing functions in one machine, and you can enjoy its high-accuracy and high-difficulty processing technique at your will, and bad effects of complex processing can be avoided efficiently. The intelligent control systems and software were developed by world-famous company along with YONGDA. The control system and software, easy to operate, human-oriented design. It can process almost all kinds of stone processing technigue, such as cutting standard boards and geometry (triangle, prismatic, rhomboid, S-shape), grinding and polishing bevel edge, abnormity edge, stone lines and washbasin, engraving complex items and columns, and polishing board surfaces. It has the excellent automation capability! It solve the headache of complex processing technique and say good-bye to manual work.         


                                                           Technical Data

Techincal Data YD-2015 YD-3020 YD-4020
X axis stroke (mm) 2000 3000 4000
Y axis stroke (mm) 1500 2000 2000
Z axis stroke (mm) 900 900 900
A axis stroke (mm) ±135° ±135° ±135°
C axis stroke (mm) ±180° ±180° ±180°
B axis stroke(mm)
Spindle power(kw) 15 15 15
Spindle speed(r.p.m) 1-12000 1-12000 1-12000
Automatic tool-change ISO-40 ISO-40 ISO-40
Tool store (pcs) 10r 10r 10r
Vacuum Pump(m³/h) 50 50 50
Max.processing thickness(mm) 900 900 900
Max.square board 3000*1600*800mm
Max.column ∅500*2000mm
Automatic centralized lubrication grease grease grease
Water consumption (L/min) 40 40 40
Compressed air compressure(bar) 8 8 8
Total power (kw) 20 20 20
Overall dimension (m*m*m) 4.2*2.7*2.7 5.2*3.2*2.7 6.2*3.2*2.7
Gross weight (kg) 3000 4000 4500



Sample Workpiece From The Machine